The Blind Kitchen

Everyone has a place at the table in The Blind Kitchen!

The Blind Kitchen provides accessible cooking tools and tips for blind and vision-impaired cooks that allow them to cook safely, independently, and confidently in their own kitchen.

All items were selected by a blind culinary school graduate and cooking instructor.

All items will be shipped directly to your door and you will have access to the verbally descriptive videos that explain what each tool is and how to use it.

Other cooking related activities, such as kitchen and pantry organization, shopping, recipe reading, cleaning, and ways to identify and label foods will be explained.

Please check back. We are in the final steps of writing the narration, filming the cooking classes, and building the website.

The Blind Kitchen will open in August of 2022. In the meantime, we want to keep you informed. Drop us an email at info@theblindkitchen.com and let us know if you are looking for yourself, an organization, or are just curious.

Debra Erickson, Chef

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