3 Strategies to Organize Your Refrigerator

Bell and poblano peppers in a bin where it can be easily found in an organized refrigerator

Keeping your refrigerator organized is difficult for almost everyone and doubly so for blind and vision impaired cooks. Use these 3 tips to organize your refrigerator.

  1. Use clear acrylic containers or bins. They allow the maximum amount of light to get through and you can group like items in separate containers. For example, put liquid dairy in one, raw meat in another, and cheeses in a third, and so on. Bonus, the containers or bins contain messes and are easier to clean because you can take them out of the refrigerator and clean them in the sink.
  2. Use a lazy Susan inside your refrigerator. Instead of reaching over foods in the front to get to a needed item in the back, use a lazy Susan to gently rotate and bring the items in the back to the front. Learn more about organizing with a lazy Susan on my post, Befriend your lazy Susan.
  3. Have an organization plan and communicate it to others who use items in the refrigerator. Make the plan easy to remember by using alliteration whenever you can. For example, “leftovers on the left” and ”sodas on the sider” and “pickled foods on the platform” (of the lazy Susan). Be creative!
Lazy Susan in Chef Debra's Refrigerator

The lazy Susan in Chef Debra’s refrigerator allows her to bring the foods in the back of the refrigerator closer to the front with a light touch to turn it. No more knocking things over!

Chef Debra demonstrates leaving leftovers on the left of the refrigerator

Storing food in clear containers makes it easier to find. Here Chef Debra demonstrates “leftovers on the left,” part of her refrigerator organization plan.

While we are on the topic, use the strategy of labeling like bottles of dairy with rubber bands to indicate the fat level. For example:

  • 4 bands for heavy cream
  • 3 for half and half
  • 2 for whole milk
  • 1 band for low fat or 2% milk
  • No rubber bands on no fat milk. 

Next steps

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