5 Tips for Using Work Trays

Chef Debra with Work Trays

Work trays are an essential part of my cooking experience.  They are made of sturdy plastic and you have probably used them in schools, hospitals and many fast food establishments.  Some call them “cafeteria trays” and in the aforementioned settings they are used to hold your food, drink, flatware, napkin and such.  The same principal applies in your cooking activities:  they can help you organize, contain spills and even help with cleaning. 

Two work trays, one dark and one light, for reducing mess while cooking.
Two Work Trays, one light and one dark, a set from The Blind Kitchen
Dough and Pastry Work Tray
The Blind Kitchen’s large Dough and Pastry Work Tray

These are some work tray tips for you:

  1. Use a work tray as a cutting board.  If you don’t have a work tray available to you, used a rimmed baking sheet and set your cutting board into it.  That way the small bits of food, or food that rolls, or juicy foods are contained within the confines of the raised edges of the pan.
  2. Use a work tray to gather your ingredients ahead of starting to cook so that you know you have everything you need before you start – then put them away as you used them.
  3. Use the work tray or rimmmed baking sheet to clean.  Place it under the edge of the counter or table you are cleaning instead of using a cupped hand to catch any crumbs.  The tray is a much bigger target.
  4. Work trays come in different sizes and colors. Use contrast to guide your choice if you can.
  5. The Dough and Pastry Tray is an extra large work tray that is perfect for tasks like rolling dough or making biscuits. The rimmed edges keep the flour contained and the size allows for a rolling pin to be used on its surface.

Where to find Work Trays

Watch how Chef Debra uses Work Trays

Watch the video below to learn how Chef Debra uses work trays in her kitchen.

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