How to sweep your floor

Sweeping a floor is necessary for any kitchen. People with vision loss cannot glance and see if there is any dirt on the floor. We have to assume there is dirt on every portion of the floor and there are no shortcuts, unfortunately. How to sweep I like to use a large dustpan so that I have… Continue reading How to sweep your floor

Start with soapy hot water

Working in a clean and uncluttered environment is a must for blind and visually impaired cooks. One of the best tips I can give you is to run a shallow sinkful of hot soapy water before you start to work with the food you will be cooking. This is especially important when you are working with sticky… Continue reading Start with soapy hot water

Be My Eyes: human eyes on demand

Be My Eyes is a service where a vision-challenged person can make a call on their Smart Phone and have a sighted volunteer look through the camera on the caller’s phone and answer the caller’s question. Download the free app to your phone or other device and activate the button that says “call a volunteer”. A… Continue reading Be My Eyes: human eyes on demand