10 best gifts for a blind person

Perfect gifts can vary, but these are the 10 best gifts for a blind or vision-impaired person who has an interest in cooking or wants to prepare their own food. There are many adaptive culinary tools that do not require specialized equipment or training that your giftee can learn to use in minutes. The costs… Continue reading 10 best gifts for a blind person

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Using “Seeing AI” app to read bar codes

So many containers look and feel exactly alike: cans of soup, cereal boxes, spice bottles, and many more!  There is a quick, free, and easy way to find out what the contents of a container are by reading its bar code. And you don’t need any vision to use it!  Seeing AI You just need… Continue reading Using “Seeing AI” app to read bar codes

Use rubber bands to shop

When shopping in person in a store, having a stash of rubber bands on your wrist can be very helpful.  You can quickly slip a rubber band onto a can or box to help you to differentiate between items that are the same shape and size. For example, if I am buying 3 cans of soup:… Continue reading Use rubber bands to shop

Be My Eyes: human eyes on demand

Be My Eyes is a service where a vision-challenged person can make a call on their Smart Phone and have a sighted volunteer look through the camera on the caller’s phone and answer the caller’s question. Download the free app to your phone or other device and activate the button that says “call a volunteer”. A… Continue reading Be My Eyes: human eyes on demand

iBill talking banknote identifier

Also called the iBill talking money identifier, you can use the iBill to learn what denomination of the US bill you are holding. Do you find it difficult to distinguish between a one and a ten-dollar bill? This currency reader is FREE to any person who has been officially diagnosed as legally blind. It is… Continue reading iBill talking banknote identifier