Dining in the dark

As a thank you to her team, Chef Debra took her filmmaker, stylist, social media person, website developer, their partners and some friends to a dining in the dark experience at Black Forest Dark Dining in the Wyld Pines Public House. Thank you KGW8 for joining The Blind Kitchen on the very unique experience of… Continue reading Dining in the dark

Chef Debra’s 2024 New Year’s Resolution

Chef Debra’s Christine Ha Challenge In the style of the 2009 movie Julie & Julia, a frustrated office worker (Julie) is inspired to cook every recipe in Julia Child’s The Art of French Cooking cookbook in one year. For her, there were 524 recipes and lots of butter! I plan to do the same with Christine… Continue reading Chef Debra’s 2024 New Year’s Resolution

Christine Ha

People often ask me if there are any other blind chefs in my network.  And sadly, I know of no such association. I do, however, know of one blind cook that I do admire for several reasons: Christine Ha, winner of the 2012 Masterchef cooking contest. She is blind and competed with other talented sighted cooks while being… Continue reading Christine Ha

Speaking Out for the Blind

It was a pleasure talking with Brian McCallen host of the Speaking Out for the Blind show. He was so warm and funny and put me at ease almost immediately.   Take a listen to learn a bit more about the journey and evolution of The Blind Kitchen and be sure to listen to Brian’s other… Continue reading Speaking Out for the Blind

Grand opening success!

The Grand Opening of The Blind Kitchen was a big success! Held where all The Blind Kitchen videos are shot, Willamette Falls Studios, the grand opening featured a plethora of delicious food prepared by the chefs from Debra’s culinary school alma mater. The food looked almost too beautiful to eat – but we found a… Continue reading Grand opening success!