Creative portioning for attractive presentations

Chef Debra with the Pie Marker and Divider

Cooks who are vision impaired cannot just glance at the food we are dishing up for our guests to ensure attractive and consistent plating. If we know in advance that all of our guests will get the same size and amount on their plates, it raises our confidence that they are getting the perfect portions! 

Portion food for presentation

I have found that cooking food in individual serving dishes, such as ramekins, provides consistency. Plus, people always feel special when they have their own special dish. I like to use scoops, such as our Portion Scoop, for potatoes, rice, or any food where an attractive perfectly domed portion can easily be surrounded by other foods, such as chopped nuts, fresh herbs, seeds, or Crispy Onion Strips that add flavor and texture for a special touch!

Chef Debra with a perfectly portioned slice of pumpkin pie
Chef Debra with a perfectly portioned slice of pumpkin pie, includes a dollop of whipping cream.

I also use muffin tins of all sizes, from mini to jumbo, depending on what I am making. Polenta cooled in a jumbo muffin tin produces perfect circles for grilling later. Parmesan cheese, baked in a thin layer in mini muffin tins produces perfectly round and delicious parmesan “coins” or crisps. 

There are also silicone pans with rectangle or triangle cavities that can bake perfect cake or protein portions for your guests.

A Talking Kitchen Scale is helpful to make sure you put the same amount of food into each of the cavities. You just have to be creative and thoughtful and your dinner parties will be beautiful, delicious, and successful!

More tools that will help make portioning easier:

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