How to Center a Pot on a Stove Burner

Locking Lid Pan

The question I am asked most often is, “How can a person with vision loss safely cook on a glass or ceramic stove top?”

The answer is that people with vision loss cook safely and confidently on all types of gas or electric stovetops every day. But I agree, the smooth tactile-free surface of the glass or ceramic stove top provides a special challenge. 

There are two basic things that have to be considered for any type of stovetop:

  1. This might surprise some, the cook must be confident that they are using the right size pan for the burner they select. 
  2. Also important is the knowledge that they can tap or touch (just for a split second) the top of the rim of a very hot pan and not get burned. 

Want to learn how to apply these two principles? Watch this video called “How to Center a Pot on a Gas Stove” below.

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