Labeling clothing

Some of Chef Debra's many chef's coats

Chef Debra has over 30 chef coats in various colors and styles!

Q) How is she able to select the one she wants if she can’t see them?

A) She uses WayAround to label clothing and many other things as well.

Debra can quickly, confidently, and independently know exactly which chef coat is which using special button-style “tags” that are attached to the inside of any item of clothing that might be difficult to identify. 

Each WayAround button/tag is labeled using a free app called “WayAround”. The labels are purchased separately. The app is very accessible and easy to use. Chef Debra programs the information she wants onto the little round button-style tag, such as color, style, material, care, and whatever she thinks is important to know about the chef coat.

Then, she opens the WayAround app on her smartphone, holds the phone near the tag, and the phone reads the information she has programmed into the phone. The WayAround tags can go through the washer, dryer, and even the dry cleaners many many times.

Chef Debra demonstrating how to use a WayAround label
Chef Debra shows how to use the WayAround to identify her chef coats.

In the photo above Debra has the top of her smartphone held very close to a WayAround button sewn into the inside left hem of the chef coat. The phone reads out loud that this is her “pastel pink long-sleeve chef coat”. 

Using a WayAround label to identify a chef's jacket
A closeup of Chef Debra using the WayAround app to identify clothing.

Use WayAround labels in your kitchen

The stickers, buttons, magnets and clips available through WayAround can also be used in the kitchen to identify various cans of food.

Chef Debra showing a WayAround sticker on a can of food. She uses this app to identify cans in her kitchen.
Chef Debra placed a WayAround sticker on this can of pumpkin in order to identify it later using the WayAround app.

Where to buy

One square WayAround magnet is included in the Kitchen Basics Collection. You can also purchase stickers, buttons, magnets, and clips directly from the WayAround website.

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