We’ve Gone International!!

Studio 1 — Vision Australia Radio’s weekly look at life from a low vision and blind point of view featured Chef Debra of The Blind Kitchen for their Kitchen Show episode. Listen as hosts Lizzie Eastham and Sam Rickard interview Chef Debra and learn more about how to cook safely when you are blind or vision impaired.… Continue reading We’ve Gone International!!

Cutting Safety: The Corral (method 1 of 3)

The corral method of cutting There is no one best method to cut foods. Foods vary in size, density, and shape. This month our knife safety feature is focused on the corral method, which is excellent for cutting food into very small pieces with no need for a specific shape. Some recipes call for the cook to “mince”… Continue reading Cutting Safety: The Corral (method 1 of 3)

Knife safety: how to hold a knife, finger and hand positioning

How to hold a knife: safest finger positioning for the hand holding the knife Cuts and scrapes from kitchen knives are common but entirely preventable. Learn how to hold a knife in this first part of a series covering kitchen knife safety for cooks who are blind or vision impaired and everyone else! Pinch the blade… Continue reading Knife safety: how to hold a knife, finger and hand positioning

Chef Debra’s 2024 New Year’s Resolution

Chef Debra’s Christine Ha Challenge In the style of the 2009 movie Julie & Julia, a frustrated office worker (Julie) is inspired to cook every recipe in Julia Child’s The Art of French Cooking cookbook in one year. For her, there were 524 recipes and lots of butter! I plan to do the same with Christine… Continue reading Chef Debra’s 2024 New Year’s Resolution

10 best gifts for a blind person

Perfect gifts can vary, but these are the 10 best gifts for a blind or vision-impaired person who has an interest in cooking or wants to prepare their own food. There are many adaptive culinary tools that do not require specialized equipment or training that your giftee can learn to use in minutes. The costs… Continue reading 10 best gifts for a blind person

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Creative portioning for attractive presentations

Cooks who are vision impaired cannot just glance at the food we are dishing up for our guests to ensure attractive and consistent plating. If we know in advance that all of our guests will get the same size and amount on their plates, it raises our confidence that they are getting the perfect portions!  Portion food… Continue reading Creative portioning for attractive presentations

The Perfect Dollop

It’s the holiday season and we have pies on our minds but do not want whipped cream on our fingers. The Blind Kitchen has the answer! The Whipped Cream Problem Vision-impaired cooks cannot see the pie and don’t want to touch the whipped cream with their fingers making it difficult to put an attractive dollop… Continue reading The Perfect Dollop

What’s Cooking Discussion Group

There is more than one way to access and read recipes with vision loss. In fact, there are more ways than I can actually count! Recently I listened to a Zoom podcast about recipes and cooking sponsored by Hadley, an organization whose mission is to create personalized learning opportunities that empower adults with vision loss… Continue reading What’s Cooking Discussion Group

White Canes Connect Podcast

Exploring The Blind Kitchen: Chef Debra Erickson’s Culinary Vision White Canes Connect podcast hosts, David Goldstein and Lisa Bryant, really made me feel at ease, and there was a lot of humor going back and forth. What great chemistry they generated to make me feel so very comfortable in our conversation. Chef Debra In this episode… Continue reading White Canes Connect Podcast

How to cook ground meat perfectly every time!

Cooking ground meats to be sure they are fully cooked and not overcooked can be tricky for a blind or visually impaired person. Here are a few steps to make sure ground meat is cooked perfectly every time. Some common recipes that call for ground meet to be browned are tacos, chilis, and sausage gravy.… Continue reading How to cook ground meat perfectly every time!