Direct from Canada: the AT Banter Podcast

Recently, Chef Debra was a guest on AT Banter, a podcast where advocates and members of the disability community educate and inspire a better conversation about disability. The podcast is sponsored by Canadian Assistive Technology and hosted by Rob Mineault, Ryan Fleury, and Steve Barclay. This is a friendly, oftentimes humorous, and thoroughly enjoyable podcast… Continue reading Direct from Canada: the AT Banter Podcast

Using “Seeing AI” app to read bar codes

So many containers look and feel exactly alike: cans of soup, cereal boxes, spice bottles, and many more!  There is a quick, free, and easy way to find out what the contents of a container are by reading its bar code. And you don’t need any vision to use it!  Seeing AI You just need… Continue reading Using “Seeing AI” app to read bar codes

Christine Ha

People often ask me if there are any other blind chefs in my network.  And sadly, I know of no such association. I do, however, know of one blind cook that I do admire for several reasons: Christine Ha, winner of the 2012 Masterchef cooking contest. She is blind and competed with other talented sighted cooks while being… Continue reading Christine Ha

Chef Debra’s Acceptance Speech!

The American Council of the Blind (ACB) announces the 2023 winners of the Audio Description Project Awards. The ADP Awards honor the people and organizations that make outstanding contributions to the quality, availability, and understanding of audio description. Chef Debra Erickson received the award for Achievement in Audio Description Media/Individual from the ACB. Watch the… Continue reading Chef Debra’s Acceptance Speech!

Success Story

Thank you PCC/SBA for recognizing The Blind Kitchen as a small business success story.  We have put our heart and soul into its creation, and it is an honor to be recognized for our efforts.  Keep up your good work in helping other small businesses to survive and thrive! Chef Debra Read Small Business Success… Continue reading Success Story

We are celebrating the sounds of success!

We are thrilled to announce that The Blind Kitchen has won an important award for the extensive audio descriptions provided on our website. The Audio Description Project (ADP), an initiative of The American Council of the Blind (ACB, each year recognizes achievement by individuals and/or organizations for outstanding contributions to audio descriptions in five areas:… Continue reading We are celebrating the sounds of success!

Eyes on Success Podcast

On March 8, 2023, Chef Debra was interviewed by Eyes on Success hosts Peter and Nancy Torpey. What a pleasure it was to chat with Pete and Nancy Torpey on their “Eyes on Success” podcast.  They were so curious and easy to talk to.  Thank you again for the opportunity to spread the word about… Continue reading Eyes on Success Podcast

Blind Grillin’

Chef Debra is interviewed by Chris Peltz, owner of Blind Grillin’, and talks about tools and accessibility in the kitchen as well as her website, Listen on Apple Podcasts Then check The Blind Kitchen Grilling and BBQ Collection for all of your grilling tools.

Tek Talk Interview with Debra Erickson

In March 2023 the Accessible World Tek Talk team reached out to Debra Erickson, executive chef and founder of The Blind Kitchen, to request an interview to discuss adaptive culinary tools and cooking strategies for people with vision loss. Debra has significant vision loss due to Retinitis Pigmentosa and was the only blind student in… Continue reading Tek Talk Interview with Debra Erickson

Speaking Out for the Blind

It was a pleasure talking with Brian McCallen host of the Speaking Out for the Blind show. He was so warm and funny and put me at ease almost immediately.   Take a listen to learn a bit more about the journey and evolution of The Blind Kitchen and be sure to listen to Brian’s other… Continue reading Speaking Out for the Blind