12-Tool Sampler


The Blind Kitchen’s 12-Tool Sampler includes 12 individual tools selected from across our 4 collections.


Tools include:


  • Auto Measure Spout
  • Boil Alert Disk
  • Butter Slicer
  • Cut Glove
  • Heat Gloves (1 pair)
  • Herb Bags (4)
  • Mini Box Grater
  • Oven Rack Guards (2)
  • Peeler
  • Salt Cellar
  • Signature Guide
  • Towel Clips (6)


Watch the videos below to learn about each adaptive kitchen tool. Items available for individual sale are also listed.

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The Blind Kitchen’s 12-Tool Sampler includes the following essential kitchen tools for blind or vision-impaired home cooks. Each item in the 12-Tool Sampler Collection is also included in one of our 4 Collections available by subscription or individually: Kitchen Basics Collection, Cutting and Chopping Collection, Stovetop Collection, and Oven Collection. Some of these tools may be ordered individually.

Auto Measure Spout Video

TBK’s Auto-Measure Spout effortlessly pours 1 tablespoon of liquid and can be used on bottles of liquor, syrups, oil, and more. Simply turn the bottle upside down, wait a moment for the spout to fill, and then it automatically empties the liquid into your bowl or container.

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Boil Alert Disk

Boil Alert Disk lets you know when a pot is beginning to boil, includes a disk with a chef's face

The Boil Alert Disk helps prevent messy boil-overs and creates a rattling noise to help the vision-impaired chef know when their pot is boiling.

Purchase TBK’s Boil Alert Disk individually

Butter Slicer Video

For the standard American butter stick, each slice from the Butter Slicer will be approximately 2 teaspoons.

Purchase TBK’s Butter Slicer individually

Cut Glove Video

Our Cut Glove is specially designed for home cooks to protect against painful cuts from kitchen work. The cut-resistant material allows for plenty of dexterity, making it ideal for cutting, slicing, peeling, mandoline use, oyster shucking, and much more. Our glove is made of food-grade material that provides certified Level 5 protection (four times stronger than leather).

Features: Fits left or right hand, machine washable, lightweight and breathable mesh weave will fit 95% of adult users.

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Heat Gloves Video

In addition to protecting you from direct contact with hot pans, our Heat Gloves utilize silicone grips, ensuring your grasp.

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Herb Bags Video

Mini Box Grater Video


Peeler Video


Salt Cellar

Salt cellar shown open: a glass jar with a rubber gasket on a glass lid

TBK’s Salt Cellar is perfect for keeping your kitchen salt close by while you cook.

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Towel Clips Video