Bag Holder


The TBK Bag Holder can hold a standard quart or gallon recloseable freezer bag open — leaving the cook with both of his or her hands free to fill it. It’s made of plastic, has a 3-inch circular base, and 2 eight-inch arms that extend upward.


Why blind friendly:

It can be difficult to awkwardly hold a reclosable bag open and fill it with the other hand, as that hand has to both “see” where the opening is while holding the food and fill the bag. This tool holds the bag open for the cook leaving them with both hands to fill it.


Watch the video and read Use and Care below. Also included as part of our Oven Collection.

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Use and Care
To use the Bag Holder, rotate the arms so they face upward (they fold down for easy storage). At the top of each arm, facing inward is an inverted U-shaped hook. There are ridges inside the hooks that help to secure the bag’s “zipper” with one side of the bag on each side. Because the arms are angled, they hold the mouth of the bag open. Another feature is that the arms can be extended to fit a gallon-size freezer bag. To extend the arms, grasp the top of each arm firmly and pull upward. The hooks will now be  4 inches higher than they were before they were extended.

Caring for this is easy.  It is made entirely of plastic and can be washed, dried, and stored until it is needed.