Bake-Under-the-Pie Server


Before adding the crust, place a Bake-Under-the-Pie Server on the pie plate. Add your crust and filling and bake. When ready to serve, the tool provides tactile information to allow a knife to cleanly cut around the wedge of pie and easily remove a perfect first piece of pie. For the ultimate blind-friendly way to divide a pie, 6 of these servers can fit side by side inside a 9-inch pie providing a tactile guide for each piece of the pie.


Why Blind-Friendly?

The first piece of pie is always hard to remove and often gets “crumpled.” This pie server requires no vision to use but will allow you to cut a perfect piece.  In fact, even people with vision cannot see through the cooked pie and the crust to use it. They also need to rely on tactile information to use it successfully.


See Use and Care Directions and full Bake-Under-the-Pie Server Description below.

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Use and Care:

Step 1: Place the server directly into a clean dry 9-inch steel pie pan. The triangle part should rest on the bottom of the pan, and the curved handle portion will rest on the flat top rim of the pan. The angled portion will fit nicely against the sloping side of the pan.

Step 2: Place a circle of raw rolled pie dough into the pan directly on top of the server. It will bake underneath the pie crust in the oven. Fill the pie crust with the desired filling and bake the pie as desired.

Step 3: When the pie is baked and ready to be served, locate the server handle. You will locate it by running your fingers around the outside upper edge of the pie pan. The curved handle will extend out slightly farther than the rest of the rim of the pan.

Step 4:  Insert the tip of your knife on either side of the curved handle to locate where the server is under the crust. Carefully follow the shape of the server with your knife tip. The server, which is slightly higher than the bottom of the pan can be easily distinguished from the bottom of the pan. Go all the way around the server’s triangular shape until the pie crust is cut through. Be sure to cut through the crust on either side of the handle and along the sloped portion resting on the side of the pan.

Step 5:  Set the knife down and carefully lift the piece of pie out by lifting it straight up. If you feel resistance, lower the piece back into the pan and cut carefully through the crust where the resistance is felt. If you have cut completely through the crust of that piece, it will lift easily out of the pan. The piece of pie will rest on the triangled shape portion of the server and it will allow you to transfer that perfect piece of pie onto the plate of your choice. You can then use The Blind Kitchen’s Pie Marker and Divider tool to cut the rest of the pieces.

Tool Description

The Bake-Under-the-Pie Server is silver and made of one piece of metal with 3 easily distinguished sections:
– A flat wedge-shaped section that sits on the pie plate and is shaped like a triangle, 3 inches wide with 3-inch sides coming to a point.
– At the widest part of the triangle is the section of the tool that sits against the pie plate, an angled 2-inch slope that extends upward.
– At the top part of the sloped section is a 4-and-a-half-inch wide curved handle that sits on the outer rim of the pie plate.

This serving tool is made of aluminum so it must be handwashed and dried. Store in a clean pie pan (they will still stack nicely) or with your other utensils.