Baking Grid Pan


The Baking Grid Pan set allows the cook to easily cut baked foods such as cakes and brownies into 12 identical pieces with no vision or knife required.


Why blind friendly?

Cutting a cake, brownies or marshmallow squares into equally sized, attractive pieces can be difficult with vision loss. The Baking Grid Pan set allows the cook with vision loss to confidently know that their baked goods will be divided into 12 same size pieces. The sling portion of the set allows the food to be easily transferred to a serving plate, and because the sides of the baking dish are no longer in play, the pieces are much easier to remove.


Read the Physical Description, watch the short video, and read Use and Care below.

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Physical Description:
This rectangular metal baking pan set consists of 3 pieces: a baking pan, a metal “sling” and a metal grid with handles. The baking pan has a rectangular hole in the bottom, the “sling” fits exactly into the bottom of the pan, and the grid fits right above the sling and inside the outer pan. The set, when assembled, measures 13 inches long, 7 inches wide and 2 inches deep. It is made of carbon steel and has a non stick surface.

Use and Care:
Step 1:  Prepare your batter – this pan is the perfect size for a standard box of brownie mix – or even better – homemade!
Step 2:   Prepare the batter and the pan.  I recommend spraying all 3 parts of the set with cooking spray to make sure nothing sticks – but the pan does have high non- stick properties.
Step 3: The actual baking pan has a rectangular hole in the bottom. I have never had batter seep out of it after I have placed the sling into the pan. The batter is thick enough to prevent it from seeping through. Add the batter. If you are unsure of it leaking through, you can set the pan and the grid on a rimmed baking sheet before adding the batter.
Step 4: Carefully lower the baking grid into the batter. You want to make this the last step because if you pour the batter over and on top of the grid, the thin layer of batter that will be on the grid above the batter level of the pan will cook faster and possibly burn and will be much harder to clean. The grid should be lowered into the batter using the handles as the last step.
Step 5:  Bake the food as usual and when you have determined that it is done, remove the pan and allow it to cool before you remove the grid. Baked goods that have had time to cool, have a much less risk of crumbling.
Step 6:  When the cake/brownies have cooled, remove the grid and set it aside to clean. Place a serving platter near the pan and use the sling to easily lift all of the pieces up at once and they can be easily removed one by one to the serving platter. Using the sling effectively removes the walls from play, so removing them becomes much easier.

This set can withstand oven temperatures up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit.  It can be machine or hand washed.

Closeup of the Baking Grid Pan. Chef Debra baked ride crispy treats in it and has served two pieces.