Bench Scraper


Get into a scrape with our plastic bench scraper. Use it to divide doughs and other foods into portions and transfer small pieces of food, such as chopped herbs or minced garlic, into containers or pans. Made of food-grade, dishwasher-safe plastic, it measures about 7 by 5 inches with one rounded edge. The Bench Scraper is a stiff, white, thin, and roughly rectangular tool. Two of the corners are squared off. The opposite 2 corners are slightly curved. These curves, and part of the sides, have a beveled design.


Traditional bench scrapers are made of metal and their edges are sharp enough to cut your skin. This model works better and is more blind-friendly because it has beveled edges that cannot cut you and, when used as a food transferring tool, the food does not have to “jump a curb” to get onto it as its metal counterparts do.


Watch the video and read Use and Care below.
Included in our Cutting and Chopping Collection.

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Use and Care
Use the bench scraper to transfer small pieces of food by corralling the small pieces with it and then use your free hand as a “backstop” to allow the beveled edge to come under the food and onto its flat platform. If using the bench scraper as a dough-cutting tool, simply push downward, with the beveled side down, and it will cleanly and easily divide the dough.

Caring for this tool is easy. It is made of sturdy high-grade polished plastic and it will never rust or stain. It can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.