Bowl Scraper


The Bowl Scraper cleanly scrapes the inside of a bowl allowing fingers to be close to the scraping action without getting food on the fingers.  It can also be used as a small “bench scraper” to gather and transfer small pieces of food such as chopped herbs and small amounts of minced garlic, etc.


Why Blind-Friendly?

Scraping out a bowl with vision loss can be tricky, especially for sticky foods. Traditional spatulas and scrapers have long handles with a silicone, plastic or rubber scraper attached to one end. If one cannot see, it is difficult to know how much food is on the scraper or what type of contact it is making with the bowl being scraped. We also want to keep our fingers out of the food and waste as little food as possible.This tool allows us to be close to the food being scraped to know the progress we are making without getting our hands into the food itself. It also can be used as a mini “bench scraper” allowing the blind cook to easily gather small bits of food, slide it onto the bowl scraper and transfer it to the target dish. The secret is in the beveled edges that are found on roughly two thirds of this tool. They serve to allow the food to come onto the scraper without having to jump a curb.


Watch the video, read the Bowl Scraper Description and Use and Care below. Also included as part of our Oven Collection.

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Bowl Scraper Description

It is a white, stiff, plastic, thin, roughly rectangular tool that measures approximately 3 inches by 5 inches. Two of the corners are squared off, and the opposite 2 corners are slightly curved. The sides have a beveled design that allow the food to come onto the scraper without having to ‘jump a curb’.

Use and Care

To use the bowl scraper, hold it in your hand with your fingers out of the way of the food. Make sure that the curved side of the tool is up against the inside of the bowl being scraped. The curve adjusts to the curved side of the bowl allowing no space between the food and the bowl and the beveled edges allow the food to easily glide onto the scraper platform. With practice, the blind cook can know how much food is on the scraper by the weight of the scraper, or even if your fingers do happen to touch the food being scraped, you will have instant feedback and be able to stop right then and empty the bowl scraper into your target dish and then come back to the bowl to finish.

Caring for this tool is easy. It is made of a sturdy high grade polished plastic and it will never rust or stain. It can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

Also included as part of our Oven Collection.