Cooking Instructor Collection


The 26 tools in the Cooking Instructor Collection are a comprehensive set of adaptive culinary tools for helping students with vision loss to cook safely, confidently and independently.  Some of the tools keep the learner safe while performing common cooking tasks that involve heat sources and cutting tasks. Other tools help to maintain a safe, clean and efficient working area during meal preparation activities.


The Cooking Instructor Collection includes two packing slips and a sturdy carrying bag with handles. The second packing slip is for the student to let them know what they are receiving and the bag is to give them something to carry their new kitchen essentials home.


The 26 tools include:

  • The Blind Kitchen Apron
  • Bag Holder
  • Bench Scraper
  • Boil Alert Disk
  • Cut Glove
  • Double Spatula
  • Dry Measure Cups
  • Dry Measure Spoons
  • Egg rings (2)
  • Finger Guard
  • Garlic Peeler
  • Heat gloves (2)
  • Peeler
  • Rolling Pin
  • Sharps Baskets (2)
  • Slicing Guide
  • Talking Scale
  • Talking Thermometer
  • Towel Clips
  • WayAround Tag
  • Wet Measure Cups
  • Wet Measure Spoons, Pitcher, and Funnel
  • Wikki Styx
  • Long Wood Spoon
  • Work Trays (2)
  • XL Box Grater
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