Corn Silk Brush


Guide the ear of husked corn into the center of the Corn Silk Brush and let its stiff brushes remove the corn’s silk strands by running the tool up and down the length of the ear of corn. Getting all of the silky hard-to-feel corn silk strands completely off the cob can be difficult because they offer neither visual nor much tactile information. The varied-length stiff brush is very effective in removing even the tiniest of silk strands from the corn.


When the ear of corn is silk-free, remove the cob of corn and use your fingertips to easily draw the silk strands from the brush bristles.  Simple in design, the Corn Silk Brush is a 4″ food-grade plastic circle with an attached handle. It has two lengths of stiff brushes that run in the center of the circle. The Corn Silk Brush is dishwasher safe.


Also included as part of our Grilling and BBQ Collection.

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