Crust Crimper


The Crust Crimper seals and decorates a single or double-crust pie with professional-looking results.


This red plastic tool has a gently curved design and is about 4 inches long, one inch wide, and one-quarter inch thick. It has a distinct tactile curvy stamping design that is found on both the top and the bottom of the tool.


Why blind-friendly?

Sealing and decorating the edge of a pie crust can be done with low or no vision, but it can be time-consuming and difficult to know if the outcome is consistent and attractive. This tool allows the blind cook to complete this task quickly and with confidence in the attractive end result.


See Use and Care below.

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Use and care:

Place the tool on the top edge of a pie plate where the single or double crusts rest on the upper flat rim of the pan. Make sure the crimper conforms to the gentle curve of the pie pan. Then press gently but firmly on the tool, allowing the crimper to stamp an attractive design onto that portion of the crust edge. It is easy to advance it to the next undecorated section of the pie crust and repeat until the task is finished. The crimper also allows the cook to gently and smoothly remove excess raw pie crust that would otherwise hang unattractively on the edge of the pie.