Cutting and Chopping Collection


TBK’s Cutting and Chopping Collection is one of our four kitchen essentials collections and includes 15 adaptive tools related to the safe and efficient fabrication of foods into smaller parts.


If you are an organization (educational, nonprofit, or government) serving the blind, you may pay for the Cutting & Chopping Collection using a purchase order/check. Please contact The Blind Kitchen at to arrange payment.


Included in the collection:


  • Bench Scraper
  • Butter Slicer
  • Corn Cob Cleaner
  • Cut Glove
  • Finger Guard
  • First Aid Kit
  • Food Corer
  • Knife Brush
  • Knife Sheath
  • Mini Box Grater
  • Mini Broom & Dust Pan
  • Palm Peeler
  • Sharps Baskets (2)
  • Shark
  • Slicing Guide


Purchase the Cutting and Chopping Collection along with all four of our kitchen essentials collections and save!

Watch the videos below to learn about each adaptive kitchen tool.

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Cutting and Chopping Collection Video

Chef Debra introduces TBK’s Cutting and Chopping Collection.

Bench Scraper Video

Get into a scrape with our plastic bench scraper. Use it to divide doughs and other foods into portions; transfer items into containers or pans; and scrape foods from inside large bowls. Made of food-grade, dishwasher-safe plastic. Measures 7 by 5 inches with one rounded edge.

Butter Slicer Video

For the standard American butter stick, each slice from the Butter Slicer will be approximately 2 teaspoons.

Purchase TBK’s Butter Slicer individually

Corn Cob Cleaner Video

Lend us your ear!  TBK’s wizard Corn Cob Cleaner neatly and efficiently strips off the kernels from ears of corn. No more kernels bouncing onto the counter and the floor. Our cob cleaner handles both fresh and thawed ears of corn. Just insert the ear into the plastic cylinder, place the lid on, and then push the metal tube down over the ear to the button. In one swift motion you’ll remove the kernels neatly inside the cylinder and remove the cob into the metal tube.

Purchase TBK’s Corn Cob Cleaner individually

Cut Glove Video

Our Cut Glove is specially designed for home cooks to protect against painful cuts from kitchen work. The cut-resistant material allows for plenty of dexterity, making it ideal for cutting, slicing, peeling, mandoline use, oyster shucking, and much more. Our glove is made of food-grade material that provides certified Level 5 protection (four times stronger than leather).

Features: Fits left or right hand, machine washable, lightweight and breathable mesh weave will fit 95% of adult users.

Purchase TBK’s Cut Glove individually

Finger Guard Video

Keep your fingers out of your food! The Finger Guard is an essential tool for any vision-impaired cook. Unlike many guards that have just one finger hole, ours has two, which gives you a more secure grip as you slice or dice foods. Not only does the guard protect your fingers from the knife blade, it’s also a great device for ensuring evenly cut slices. Watch or listen to our video above as Chef Debra demonstrates her inspired cutting method on an unsuspecting zucchini.

Our Figer Guard is made of food-grade stainless steel and is dishwasher safe.

Purchase TBK’s Finger Guard individually.

First Aid Kit

The TBK First Aid Kit is designed for kitchen use and will get you back to cooking quicker after a minor cut or burn. It includes a finger cot to protect a bandaged finger from getting wet, helping to keep the bandage in place and dry. It also includes antibiotic ointment and bandages for slight injuries.

Food Corer Video

Go ahead and enjoy an apple a day, with the help of The Blind Kitchen’s food corer. This sturdy tool makes cutting neat wedges of firm fruits quick and easy. Simply center the corer over the stem of the produce and press down firmly. In seconds the core is removed and you’ll have perfect slices for snacking, pie baking, sautéing, and more.

Purchase TBK’s Food Corer individually

Knife Brush Video

Clean-up is safe and easy with The Blind Kitchen’s knife brush. This u-shaped scrubber thoroughly cleans knives and other sharp implements while protecting your hands. Features:
Double-sided brush with tightly packed stiff bristles
High-quality plastic
Dishwasher safe.

Knife Sheath

The knife sheath will help keep knife blades sharper and protect your fingers as you reach for a knife.

Purchase TBK’s Knife Sheath individually.

Mini Box Grater Video

Although the Mini Box Grater looks like a child’s toy, it’s really a smart tool for vision-impaired cooks. Use it to grate, slice, or zest foods such as whole nutmeg, limes, and hard cheese. The smaller opening of the tool gives you a much smaller and neater pile of food, which allows you to easily determine if you have a sufficient amount or need to grate more. you’ll cook faster, with less clean-up.

Our Mini Box Grater is dishwasher safe and requires no special storage. Because the grating surfaces are sharp, we recommend using a cut glove as you grate foods, as Chef Debra does in the video above.

Purchase TBK’s Mini Box Grater individually.

Mini Broom and Dust Pan Video

TBK’s Mini Broom and Dust Pan is a key adaptive tool in your kitchen. The short handles give visually impaired cooks improved control, while the beveled edge and raised sides of the pan assist with transferring small items, such as bread crumbs. Broom and pan nest together and can be hung on a wall. Made of plastic and flexible plastic bristles. Hand wash and air dry.

Palm Peeler Video

We’ve got you in the palm of your hand with our handy peeler. Vision-impaired cooks rely on touch to assist with kitchen prep. Our peeler has two finger holes to keep the peeler securely in your grasp while allowing your remaining three fingers to locate areas that still need to be peeled. Ordinary peelers that require a full-hand grasp don’t allow for that. In our video shown above Chef Debra demonstrates how the Palm Peeler gets the job done faster and more safely.

The Palm Peeler is made of food-grade plastic and stainless steel and is dishwasher-safe. It should be carefully stored with the blades facing down as they are very sharp!

Purchase TBK’s Palm Peeler individually.

Sharps Basket Video

We’ll get right to the point with TBK’s Sharps Baskets: These durable plastic baskets are key for helping visually impaired cooks prepare foods safely and efficiently. You’ll receive two baskets, each 12 inches long, 2 inches tall, and 2 inches wide. Use them to hold knives, peelers, skewers, and other sharp objects. Our Sharps Baskets are dishwasher safe and have nonskid feet on the bottoms to keep them securely on your countertops. In the video shown above, Chef Debra shows how she uses the two baskets to keep dirty tools from contaminating clean tools. 

Two Sharps Baskets

TBK’s Sharps Baskets system is especially helpful when you share a kitchen with people who have vision. If the knife or scissors are not in your hand, their hand, or safely stored away, they are either in the sharps basket at your work area or in the sharps basket at the sink. Using this system will eliminate the chance of injury that might occur if a knife or other sharp object is sitting in an unexpected place, such as the bottom of the sink or on a counter.

Purchase TBK’s Sharps Baskets individually. 


Use the Shark to safely remove undesirable parts of food from larger pieces. With the Shark, you cut the tops and stems out of tomatoes and strawberries or remove bad portions from a potato all without using a paring knife. The Shark is safer and will not cut your skin.

Slicing Guide Video

Even slices help ensure even cooking, and with TBK’s slicing guide that’s exactly what you’ll get. Stainless steel prongs securely hold food while allowing you to cut a variety of widths of slices. Features: 12 stainless steel prongs with plastic handle; dishwasher safe or hand wash.


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