Dry Measure Cups


From the Kitchen Basics Collection, we call these measuring cups a “real game changer” in the kitchen. The four cups are specially designed to allow anyone who is vision impaired to confidently and accurately measure dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, and rice.


The key is the tactile (raised) dots on the handle of each cup: The quarter-cup measure has four dots; the third-cup measure has three dots; the half-cup measure has two dots, and the one-cup measure has no dot. Just run your finger along the handle over the dots and you’ll instantly know if you are holding the correct measuring cup for your recipe. The sizes of the cups are also indicated with embossed fractions.


Our dry measure cups are:

  • Clearly marked with tactile dots as well as fractions
  • Made of durable food-grade stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stain- and rust-proof
  • Easy to level with a knife or straight edge
  • Nest together or can be hung


Precise amounts are essential for a successful recipe — especially in baking. Don’t rely on wet measuring cups for measuring dry ingredients. Use the right tool for the job!


Shipping is always free! Watch or listen to the video below to learn more.

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Watch or listen to the video below to hear from Chef Debra on why our dry measure cups are an essential tool in a vision-impaired cook’s kitchen.

Included in The Blind Kitchen’s Kitchen Basics Collection.



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