Egg Rings


The Egg Rings are silicon rings, about 4 inches in diameter. Each ring has its own 2-inch metal “handle” that extends upward but can be swiveled to lie alongside the ring for easy storage. It is a tool that helps to contain and shape liquid foods that are being cooked such as eggs or pancakes where shape matters. Egg Rings are also tools to help us track the position of foods that are cooking in a hot pan that we cannot see. The other reason they are blind-friendly is that they allow us to find the food in the pan without touching the hot food. Our fingers can hover above the pan, away from the hot pan and hot food to locate the small silicon knob at the tip of the handle.


To use grease the ring and the pan, and when the pan is hot, you crack the egg or pour the pancake batter into the ring and allow it to set or firm up. The ring helps contain the liquid food in a consistent circular shape. After it is firmed up to the point that you want to turn or flip it, lift the ring and set it aside – the shape is already in place.  Then flip the egg or the pancake. The ring is no longer needed as the shape is defined.


Two Egg Rings included. Dishwasher safe. Made of Silicone and a bit of stainless steel. Store on a flat surface so the ring does not warp.

Watch the video below. Also available in the Stovetop Collection.

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Also available in the Stovetop Collection.

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