Egg Separator


The Egg Separator allows for easy separation of the raw egg yolk from the raw egg whites. It’s made of sturdy food-grade plastic and is about 4 inches long from the handle to the far side of the egg cavity. The egg cavity is slightly less than 3 inches in diameter. In the bottom of the egg cavity are 3 thin lines that allow the egg whites to drip down. The handle is curved with a clip under the handle that easily attaches to the side of a bowl.


Why Blind-Friendly?

This egg separator has a clip-on design under the handle that makes it easy to clip onto the side of a dish freeing up the cook’s hands to crack the egg. It is much sturdier than the models that lay across a bowl where it is easy to hit the handle and make the tool move off of the dish. Because it has a clip design, with a handle that curves down and out of the way, it is much less likely to be accidentally bumped.


See Use and Care below.

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Use and Care:

Simply clip the Egg Separator onto the side of a small dish and crack a raw egg into the egg separator. Allow the yolk to rest in the center of the cavity. Once the thin strings of the egg white drain through the thin holes, you can use your fingers to gently coax the remaining egg whites into the bowl. Then transfer the round egg yolk into a target bowl. It is made of sturdy plastic and can be hand or machine-washed and dried.