Foot Dustpan


 Slide your foot into the wide handle of our Foot Dustpan and sweep your kitchen floor while guiding the dust and crumbs toward your instep and into the dustpan – no need to bend over!


Why blind-friendly?
Sweeping a floor clean can be a challenge when trying to guide the dust and dirt into a dustpan without bending over and using your hands to find the opening to the dustpan.  Our Foot Dustpan makes the job of sweeping much easier. Just slide your shoe or foot into the handle of this dustpan and know the dustpan opening is right in line with the instep of your foot. The dustpan moves when your foot moves so you always know where it is and can guide the dust and crumbs into it. Have confidence sweeping, knowing you are truly cleaning your floors.  Our Foot Dustpan features high sides and a backdrop so there is little chance of not hitting your target and keeping the contents inside the dustpan.


Read the Physical Description and Use and Care below. Then check this link to learn more about How to Sweep Your Floor.

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Physical Description:
The Foot Dustpan is made of very sturdy plastic, and the attached handle is made of rubber.  It is about 14 inches wide, 11 inches long, and 3 inches high so it offers a wide target to sweep into. The rubber handle is not a completely closed loop but covers enough of your foot or shoe to hold firmly and allows for a range of sizes.

Use and Care:
Slip your preferred foot or shoe into the handle loop until the dustpan is secured firmly to the inside of your foot. The handle will be against your instep and the beveled edge of the dustpan opening will face away from your instep. Use a broom to guide dirt and dust toward your instep into the dustpan’s beveled opening. When you need to move to a new area to sweep, the dustpan will move with your foot with no need to bend down. It will naturally position where your foot guides it.

The Foot Dustpan is made of a very sturdy plastic so it will clean easily when needed.