Garlic Peeler


This Garlic Peeler cleanly and easily removes the parchment-like skin from cloves of garlic.

Why Blind Friendly?

Removing the thin papery outside layer of a garlic clove can be difficult as its fragile thin nature can makes it hard to feel with your fingertips. The sticky nature of garlic oils on the fingertips can make it even more difficult to separate the skin from the garlic. This tool allows the cook to remove and dispose of the garlic skin easily and cleanly.

Physical Description:

The Garlic Peeler is a five and a half inch long silicone tube with a slightly more than one inch diameter. It is smooth on the outside and has a distinct textured surface the entire length inside of the tube. At one end of the tube is a small hole that can be used to hang and store this tool when it is not in use.

Read Use and Care below.

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Use and Care:

Just place one or several cloves of garlic in the tube. Place the peeler on a firm surface and with gentle pressure roll the tube back and forth under the palm of your hand. The textured surface inside of the tube removes the skin from the clove while keeping the clove whole. When you think the skin is removed, tap one side of the tube gently on the flat surface to allow the contents to fall out onto your work area. The smooth peeled garlic cloves will be easy to distinguish from the papery skins. If needed, reinsert any unpeeled cloves and repeat the rolling motion until all the paper is removed. Notice that there are no sticky fingers when using this tool!

The Garlic Peeler is made of silicone and can be hand or machine washed. It can be stored in a drawer or hung on a hook using the small hole found at one end for this purpose.