Grill Glove Clips


The Grill Glove Clips attach to the griller’s apron or clothing to allow the griller to be in constant contact with their grilling gloves or dishcloth. We ship two in each package. They are stainless steel clips that will never rust or stain and are 4 inches long with an alligator clip at both ends.


Why blind-friendly? Keeping track of where you set your gloves or cooking dishcloth can be difficult with vision loss. These handy tools allow the vision-impaired cook to move about freely knowing that their gloves and dishcloth can travel with them and be found at a moment’s notice.


Read Use and Care below.

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Use and Care: To use the Grill Glove Clips clip one end to your clothing and the other end to your glove or dishcloth. They can be placed both on the same side or one on the right and one on the left. If the gloves or cloth gets soiled or wet, it only takes a second to remove the item you need to throw in the laundry and replace it with a clean one. Then you get right back to grilling!

Also included as part of our Grilling and BBQ Collection.