Grilling and BBQ Collection


10 unique tools that will make grilling easy and safe for cooks who are blind or vision impaired.

  • Corn Cob Cleaner
  • Corn Silk Remover
  • Double Skewers
  • Double Spatula
  • Grilling Basket
  • Grill Glove Clips
  • Grilling Gloves
  • Grilling Grate
  • Patty Maker
  • Talking Thermometer

Tools available for individual sale are listed below.

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Corn Cob Cleaner

Corn cob cleaner

Lend us your ear!  TBK’s wizard corn cob cleaner neatly and efficiently strips off the kernels from ears of corn. No more kernels bouncing onto the counter and the floor.

Our cob cleaner handles both fresh and thawed ears of corn. Just insert the ear into the plastic cylinder, place the lid on, and then push the metal tube down over the ear to the button. In one swift motion you’ll remove the kernels neatly inside the cylinder and remove the cob into the metal tube.


– Dishwasher safe
– Made of sturdy metal and food-grade plastic
– All parts nest inside the cylinder for tidy storage

Purchase TBK’s Corn Cob Cleaner individually.

Corn Silk Brush

Corn silk remover

Guide the ear of husked corn into the center of the Corn Silk Brush and let its stiff brushes remove the corn’s silk strands by running the tool up and down the length of the ear of corn. Getting all of the silky hard-to-feel corn silk strands completely off the cob can be difficult because they offer neither visual nor much tactile information. The varied-length stiff brush is very effective in removing even the tiniest of silk strands from the corn.

When the ear of corn is silk-free, remove the cob of corn and use your fingertips to easily draw the silk strands from the brush bristles.  Simple in design, the Corn Silk Brush is a 4″ food-grade plastic circle with an attached handle. It has two lengths of stiff brushes that run in the center of the circle. The Corn Silk Brush is dishwasher safe.

Purchase TBK’s Corn Silk Brush individually.

Double Skewers

The TBK Double Skewers allow similar-sized pieces of food to be cooked and turned at the same time, usually on a grill, or under a broiler. The skewer (you will receive 4 in the Grilling and BBQ Collection) is 13 inches long. Both the handle and the double prongs of each skewer are made of stainless steel as is the rectangular “pusher plate” that is found between the handle and the base of the prongs.

Why Blind Friendly? When foods cook, they generally become softer.  Bite-size pieces of food, especially round foods, can be very difficult to turn on a grill as a single skewer can turn uselessly inside the food and the heat makes it difficult to know if it was successfully turned or not. Because this model has 2 skewers for each piece of food placed on it, the food is forced to turn when the griller wants to turn it. The other adaptive feature of this model is that the rectangular plate located at the top of the handle pushes the hot food off of the skewer prongs providing an added layer of protection between the griller’s fingers and the hot food.

Use and care: These skewers are made of food-grade stainless steel and will never rust or stain. They are dishwasher-safe or can be washed by hand. The prong tips are pointy, so care should be taken when using them.

Purchase TBK’s Double Skewers individually.

Double Spatula

Stainless steel double spatula

Keep a firm grip on your food as you turn it with The Blind Kitchen’s double spatula. Allows for one-handed control while cooking food, keeping food secure while lifting and flipping

Essential for vision-impaired cooks looking to increase confidence and ease in the kitchen.

Purchase TBK’s Double Spatula individually.

Grilling Basket

Grilling Basket

The TBK Grilling Basket provides a “cage-like” rectangular-shaped area for the griller to set the food to be grilled (such as hamburgers, steaks, sausages, or vegetables) and keeps them in that defined area while the food is being grilled. It allows the griller to know with confidence exactly where the food is located on the grill and to turn the food over in one motion safely.

The Grilling Basket is made of stainless steel with dimensions approximately 12 inches by 9 inches wide and 1 inch deep. The food is placed in the basket and a steel grid lid secures the food inside. A 14-inch handle extends from one side of the basket. When the food in the basket is ready to be turned, all contents turn 180 degrees in a single motion.

Why blind friendly: Food dropping between the spaces on a grilling platform into the heat source can pose a problem for a griller with vision loss. The checkerboard stainless steel grid of the basket holds the food inside the basket, allowing for the food to still be exposed to the heat source without allowing the food to fall through. The handle extends safely out to the side or front of the grill, allowing the griller to safely turn the hot food from a safe distance. Because the food is restricted to the confines of the basket, the griller will always know exactly where the food is located on the grill and will never have to search for it.

Use and Care: Because it is made of stainless steel, it will never rust or stain and can endure very hot temperatures.

Purchase TBK’s Grilling Basket individually.

Grill Glove Clips

Grill glove clips - 2

The Grill Glove Clips attach to the griller’s apron or clothing to allow the griller to be in constant contact with their grilling gloves or dishcloth. We ship two in each package. They are stainless steel clips that will never rust or stain and are 4 inches long with an alligator clip at both ends.

Why blind-friendly? Keeping track of where you set your gloves or cooking dishcloth can be difficult with vision loss. These handy tools allow the vision-impaired cook to move about freely knowing that their gloves and dishcloth can travel with them and be found at a moment’s notice.

Use and Care: To use the Grill Glove Clips clip one end to your clothing and the other end to your glove or dishcloth. They can be placed both on the same side or one on the right and one on the left. If the gloves or cloth gets soiled or wet, it only takes a second to remove the item you need to throw in the laundry and replace it with a clean one. Then you get right back to grilling!

Purchase TBK’s Grill Glove Clips individually.

Grilling Gloves

BBQ Gloves, black with extended sleeves going up the writst

Protect your hands and forearms from burns with the TBK Grilling Gloves that can withstand up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit!

These gloves have separate cavities for each finger and thumb and a cuff that extends five inches up the forearm. They are about 14 inches from fingertip to cuff end and the palm is about 8 inches wide. They are made of special heat-resistant fiber and are covered with silicone designs which also provide heat protection as well as non-slip properties.

Why blind-friendly?

They allow more tactile information and fingertip flexibility to the blind griller than their thick bulky quilted counterparts or the stiff all-silicone models. Their extended cuff length affords protection when reaching over a heat source when grilling on the back side of the grill.

Use and Care: machine washable and dryable.

Purchase TBK’s Grilling Gloves individually.

Grilling Grate

Grilling Grate

The TBK Grilling Grate provides a physical barrier to prevent food from falling into the heat source on a grill while still allowing the food to have direct exposure to the heat. It is rectangular in shape and measures about 9 and a half inches by 16 inches wide and has cross rows that form a checkerboard pattern. The color is black, and it is made of special coated heavy gauge steel which is durable, rustproof, and has nonstick properties.

Why blind friendly: The grid design of this grate significantly reduces the chance that food being grilled will fall into the heat source.

Use and Care: It is dishwasher safe and will never rust or stain.

Purchase TBK’s Grilling Grate individually.

Patty Maker

Hamburger patty maker

Our TBK Patty Maker makes it easy to form ground meats into patties that are consistent in size and shape. This tool can make 5-and-a-half-ounce patties or 2-and-one-half-ounce slider patties. It comes with 5 separate plastic pieces: a large (5-inch) burger ring with removable bottom, a small (2-and-a-half-inch) ring with a removable bottom, and a handled press.

Why blind friendly: The ability to form foods into consistent shapes and sizes can be challenging with vision loss.  This patty maker makes this easy to do. The design of this particular model allows the griller to push the meat out of its confines instead of trying to pry it out as some less blind-friendly designed models require.

Use and Care: It is dishwasher safe or it can be hand washed. It stacks into a nesting position which will keep all parts contained until ready for use.

Purchase TBK’s Patty Maker individually.

Talking Thermometer

Talking thermometer for use in cooking

With the Talking Thermometer, determine the doneness of your protein with absolute confidence. Featuring temperature measurements broadcast by a loud, clear voice, it additionally lists the temperature on a lighted digital display.

Say goodbye to dry chicken! Take the guesswork out of cooking your perfectly juicy holiday roast.

Purchase TBK’s Talking Thermometer individually.