Grilling Basket


The TBK Grilling Basket provides a “cage-like” rectangular-shaped area for the griller to set the food to be grilled (such as hamburgers, steaks, sausages, or vegetables) and keeps them in that defined area while the food is being grilled. It allows the griller to know with confidence exactly where the food is located on the grill and to turn the food over in one motion safely.


The Grilling Basket is made of stainless steel with dimensions approximately 12 inches by 9 inches wide and 1 inch deep. The food is placed in the basket and a steel grid lid secures the food inside. A 14-inch handle extends from one side of the basket. When the food in the basket is ready to be turned, all contents turn 180 degrees in a single motion.


See below to learn why this is Blind-Friendly and the Use and Care.

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Why blind friendly: Food dropping between the spaces on a grilling platform into the heat source can pose a problem for a griller with vision loss. The checkerboard stainless steel grid of the basket holds the food inside the basket, allowing for the food to still be exposed to the heat source without allowing the food to fall through. The handle extends safely out to the side or front of the grill, allowing the griller to safely turn the hot food from a safe distance. Because the food is restricted to the confines of the basket, the griller will always know exactly where the food is located on the grill and will never have to search for it.

Use and Care: Because it is made of stainless steel, it will never rust or stain and can endure very hot temperatures.

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