Grilling Gloves


Protect your hands and forearms from burns with the TBK Grilling Gloves that can withstand up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit!

These gloves have separate cavities for each finger and thumb and a cuff that extends five inches up the forearm. They are about 14 inches from fingertip to cuff end and the palm is about 8 inches wide. They are made of special heat-resistant fiber and are covered with silicone designs which also provide heat protection as well as non-slip properties.

Why blind-friendly?

They allow more tactile information and fingertip flexibility to the blind griller than their thick bulky quilted counterparts or the stiff all-silicone models. Their extended cuff length affords protection when reaching over a heat source when grilling on the back side of the grill.

Use and Care: machine washable and dryable.

Also available in the TBK Grilling and BBQ Collection.

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