Herb Bags


Six herb bags in each order!


The herb bag allows the cook to place herbs and spices such as bay leaves, whole cloves, and thyme sprigs into the cooking pot, allowing their flavors to infuse the food, and making it easy to retrieve from the liquid when finished. It is a rectangular woven cotton drawstring bag that measures roughly 3 inches by 5 inches with a drawstring at the mouth of the bag.


Why blind-friendly?

Retrieving whole herbs and spices such as bay leaves, whole peppercorns, and cinnamon sticks from a hot liquid in which they are infusing their flavors is difficult and dangerous with vision loss. The herbs and spices are placed in the herb bag and can be retrieved safely and easily by the vision-impaired cook.


Watch the video and read Use and Care below. Also included in the TBK Stovetop Collection.

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Use and Care

Step 1:  Place the desired whole herbs and spices into the opening of the herb bag.
Step 2: Pull the drawstring that is found at the mouth of the bag until the mouth of the bag is drawn closed to keep the food trapped inside.
Step 3: Tie the end of the drawstring to the handle of the pan so the bag is suspended in the liquid.
Step 4: Remove the bag when desired: just pull the herb bag out of the liquid safely using the drawstring.

The herb bags can be reused multiple times. Take care when tying the drawstring so that you can reopen the bag without tearing or permanently knotting the string. They can be machine-washed or washed out by hand. Allow to dry fully before storing.