Knife Sharpener with Cut Glove


Sharpen your knives safely and get our Cut Glove too!


Why blind-friendly?

A sharp knife is safer than a dull knife even if the cook has vision loss. This model was selected because when used correctly the hand that holds the knife sharpener in place is a safe distance from the blades that are being sharpened. No vision is required to safely guide the blade through the three levels of sharpening required to get good results, and the rubber base pad provides non-slip protection.


Read the Physical Description and Use and Care Instructions below.

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Physical Description
This sturdy tool is 8 inches long, 3 inches high, and 1 inch wide. It has 3 metal wedges on the top and a curved handle on the other half when placed on a flat surface in front of the user. It is made of sturdy plastic and has a rubber bottom. We are including our Cut Glove as part of the set. Learn more about the Cut Glove.

How to use and care for your knife sharpener:

Note: Do not attempt to sharpen serrated blades on any knife sharpener. You need a different tool for serrated blades.

Step 1: Place the sharpener on a flat clean non-porous surface. Hold the handle of the sharpener with your nondominant hand. We recommend you wear the cut glove on your non-dominant hand when sharpening your knife.

Step 2: Hold the knife by the handle in your dominant hand. Put the clean dry blade of the knife in the first steel wedge that is closest to the thumb of your non-dominant hand, with the part of the blade that is close to the knife handle into position vertically. Your dominant thumb and index finger should be pinching the top of the blade firmly and they should be touching or nearly touching the front of the knife sharpener. These wedges are made of a very strong metal and where they meet in a V the knife blade will come in contact with different degrees of coarseness and materials that will straighten, hone, sharpen, and polish your knife blade. The angle of the wedges will leave a consistent predictable finish.

Step 3: Slowly pull the handle of the knife toward your body, while keeping a firm but gentle downward pressure on the blade, so the blade is in constant contact with the diamond stone that lies below the wedge, from the root to the tip being careful to adjust the blade so the arc of the blade is in constant contact with the course stone. Repeat this seven to ten times depending on how dull your knife was when you started. Never push the knife forward in the sharpener. You should always return to the original position and pull the knife towards your body, while the other hand firmly holds the sharpener in place. This step straightens the blade and removes large burrs that may have formed on the blade dulling it.

Step 4: The middle wedge has a finer grade of stone and will further sharpen the knife as it removes any very fine hair-like steel projections that form when a knife is used which dulls the blade. This step also further refines the steel of the blade to a more perfect cutting angle. Repeat this step at least seven times, starting with the root of the blade in the wedge, and pulling the knife gently toward your body with a gentle downward pressure making sure the curve of the blade remains in constant contact with the diamond stone at the bottom of the wedge.

Step 5: Place the knife in the third wedge. This wedge bottom has a ceramic bottom that does a final polish and smoothing of the blade. Repeat the pattern done in the first 2 wedges, again, pulling it toward your body at least seven times.

Step 6: Very small, mostly imperceptible, bits of steel that were dulling your knife have been removed in the process of sharpening it. Turn your sharpener over and gently tap the sharpener on the surface area that you just worked over so that any tiny bits of steel that are in the wedges will fall to the surface. Be sure to wash the knife well after sharpening it before using it to cut food. Also, be sure to wash the surface that you worked on to make sure any steel dust is cleaned. There is no need to wash the knife sharpener. It should last for many years and many knives.