Liquid Dropper, Bottle and Funnel


The Liquid Dropper dispenses exactly one quarter teaspoon of liquid such as vanilla, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, vinegars, toasted sesame oil, and hot sauce, all  ingredients that are often called for in small amounts. We use it along with a matching clear glass bottle and funnel.


Why Blind Friendly?

Dispensing liquid ingredients can be challenging with vision loss. Being confident in adding precise amounts is important for successful results in many recipes.  Measurement for a small amount of liquid is especially challenging. The liquid dropper system allows the blind cook to get the desired liquid into the bottle using the funnel and to easily and accurately remove one quarter teaspoon of liquid when needed.


Watch our short video below about how to use the Liquid Dropper, Bottle and Funnel set and then read the Physical Description and Use and Care.

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Physical Description:

The bottle is made of a thick clear glass and has a 2 ounce capacity to hold liquid.  It is 4 inches tall and one and a half inches in diameter.  The dropper consists of 3 parts, a black plastic collar, a glass dropper that reaches almost to the bottom and a black silicone bulp at the top. When the leakproof cap is fastened to the bottle the unit measures slightly less than 5 inches. The funnel is made of sturdy plastic and is 4 inches tall, 2 of the inches are the 3 inch wide mouth of the funnel and the remaining 2 inches are thin enough to easily fit into the mouth of the bottle.

Use and Care:

Step 1: Add desired liquid to the bottle. The funnel makes this easy. Do not add more than 2 ounces or the bottle will overflow.
Step 2: Squeeze the silicone bulb  of the dropper lid to force all of the air out of the bulb and out the tube.
Step 3: While still holding the bulb closed, gently lower the dropper tube into the jar as far as it will go.
Step 4: Once the plastic collar of the lid rests on the opening of the bottle, then release your pinch on the silicone bulb. This will force the bottle to suck up the liquid into the tube as the bulb refills up with air. The amount of liquid that enters into the tube will be one fourth teaspoon. The liquid will remain in the tube, even if it is held downward until the silicon bulb is squeezed again.
Step 5: Direct the opening of the tube of the dropper over the bowl or pan you want the liquid to go into. Squeeze the bulb firmly to force the air back out of the bulb which will force the liquid in the tube into the bowl or pan. Repeat as necessary to add the correct amount of the ingredient to the recipe.

The liquid dropper, bottle and funnel should be washed by hand between refills depending on the ingredient.