Long Wood Spoon


Our Long Wood Spoon is 16 inches long and made of beechwood. Its additional length allows the vision-impaired cook to stir the food in a hot pan without fear of dropping the spoon into the bottom of the pan, safely locate where the pot is on a hot stovetop, and avoid messes. For foods that must be stirred while boiling, like jams and jellies, the length of the spoon will also help prevent splash burns from the boiling liquid.


Why blind-friendly?  Its extra-long handle makes it impossible to fall into the bottom of a pot of hot liquid, eliminating the need for difficult and dangerous retrieval. The long handle hovers above the top of the pan, allowing the cook to find the handle before coming into contact with the hot pan. Since wood does not conduct heat, the cook will never burn their hands by touching the wood handle, and it can stay in the pot while food is cooking eliminating the need to transfer the food-covered spoon to a spoon rest.


See video and Use and Care below.

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Use and Care: Use it as you would any other kitchen spoon for food preparation.  It is dishwasher safe or can be hand washed. Since wood is porous by its nature, be sure it dries thoroughly before storing.

Also included as part of our Stovetop Collection.