Mesh Strainer


Our Mesh Strainer easily removes unwanted food particles from a liquid.


Why Bind-Friendly?

Getting small particles of food (such as seeds and pulp) out of a liquid can be difficult with vision loss. The Mesh Strainer traps small bits to let the liquid go right through.


Physical Description

The Mesh Strainer is made of stainless steel and plastic and is about 11 inches in length.  One end holds a shallow mesh basket that is about 3 and one-half inches in diameter. The rim of the mesh basket has 2 small teardrop-shaped loops of metal.


See Use and Care below. Also included as part of our Oven Collection.

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Use and Care
Suspend the Mesh Strainer across the dish where you want the desired strained liquid to fall into. The teardrop-shaped loops on the rim of the basket can be handy to set on the edge of the bowl or bottle you are using to catch the strained liquid and the handle is a nice length to fit an assortment of size containers. This leaves the mesh strainer ready to receive the liquid to be strained and the cook still had both hands available to them. Then the cook directs the liquid to be strained slowly into the mesh basket. The metal weave of the mesh will trap any food particles and allow the desired liquid to drain into the container it is set on. Simply discard the contents of the mesh basket when you are finished. The mesh strainer can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.