Napkin Clip


The Napkin Clip establishes a firm connection between the diner and the napkin they have placed on their lap. It is 4 inches long from end to end and is made of stainless steel. Each end consists of a one inch alligator clip.


Why Blind-Friendly?

Having a napkin available when dining is essential for eating with dignity.  Regardless of how skilled we are at dining without touching our food, occasionally a mishap happens. The handy Napkin Clip makes sure that the napkin stays on your lap so it is available if needed.


Watch the video and see Use and Care below.


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Use and Care

To use the napkin clip, discreetly clip one end of the clip into the folds of your clothing. Then clip a napkin that you want to use while dining to the other end of the clip. It will hold your napkin securely so that you can access it when needed.  Simply wipe the Napkin Clip clean with a cloth and store it in a  place where you can easily access it when you need it.

Included in The Blind Kitchen’s Oven Collection.