Oven Push-Pull


Getting food in and out of an oven safely can be challenging for the cook with vision loss. Many people prefer to use the Oven Push-Pull to pull their oven racks halfway out and then to fully push the oven rack back in without their fingers getting near the hot rack. The Oven Push-Pull maintains a safe distance for this purpose. It is also helpful for cooks with back problems as you do not have to bend over as far.


Physical Description

The Oven Push-Pull is about 14 inches long and made of lightweight wood, about one inch wide and one-quarter inch thick. One end is rounded and there is a small hole near the rounded end so that you can run a string through the hole to hang from a hook. The opposite end of the stick is more squared off and has a half circle cut into it that is exactly the same measurement as the front of standard oven racks. On the side of the stick, about 2 inches away from the half circle cut into the end, is another cut-out groove that is shaped perfectly to hook around the same standard oven rack.


See Use and Care and more of the Physical Description below. Also included as part of our Oven Collection.

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Use and Care

To slide the rack halfway out of the oven, place the notch that is cut into the side of the Oven Push-Pull so that it hooks on the edge of the rack, and if placed in the center of the rack, it will pull out very smoothly. When it is time to push the rack back into its place in the oven, use the half-circle hole on the squared-off end against the center of the rack where it will fit perfectly, and gently push the stick forward until the rack is back in its original position. If you find that the rack is difficult to slide in or out of the oven, check to make sure your stick is in the center of the front of the rack. Pushing or pulling from too far left or too far right of the center will make the rack angle a bit, and it will be more difficult to ease the rack in and out of place.

The Oven Push Pull is made of untreated balsa, so it is strong. Care for it as you would any other wooden utensil. Handwashing and air drying are recommended.

Physical Description Continued
This Oven Push-Pull stick also has written information on it that includes: 12-inch increments and safe temperature and appropriate cooking times for most meats. Unfortunately, the font is quite small and not very bold – that is not the blind-friendly part but it comes with the tool.  Also, it has the words “The Blind Kitchen” stamped in green, and we are proud of our only branded product at this point in time!