Oven Rack Guards


Two Oven Rack Guards are included with each order.

These silicone covers protect skin from severe burns that occur when the cook accidentally touches the hot metal of an oven rack. The TBK Oven Rack Guards are brightly colored and tubelike in nature, 14 inches long and about half an inch around.  The “tube” is cut completely down one side, and the edges of the “cut” contain many curled fingerlike projections that wrap around the entire length of the front of the oven rack.

Why blind-friendly?

Protection from sources of heat is important to any cook, and with vision loss any assistance is helpful. The bright color of these guards allows those with some residual vision to be able to better see what level the oven racks are at in addition to the heat protection afforded for anyone reaching into a hot oven.

Use and care: Made of heat-resistant silicone so they can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher. They can also be cut to the desired length with a pair of scissors.  Installation is easy: just position it on the front edge of your oven rack and manipulate the fingerlike projections that will then face the back of the oven to grip the rack front. No speical tools needded.  To remove, simply pull the Oven Rack Guard forward until it is released from the rack.

Also included as part of our Oven Collection.

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