The Palm Peeler removes the thin outer skin from vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and parsnips. It is a sturdy plastic square that measures two and a half inches by two and a half inches with two open plastic rings attached to the upper back of the tool. On the opposite side of the plastic square is a stainless steel blade that is exactly like a stick peeler; it runs vertically down the center front of the square.  Colors vary.


Why Blind-Friendly?

The Palm Peeler makes peeling vegetables safer for the cook with vision loss. It is also a more accurate tool for peeling vegetables than the traditional peeler with a handle. Our Palm Peeler keeps your fingers safely behind where the blade meets the food, but your fingertips are inches away from where the action is happening, making it easy to inspect the food with your fingertips when needed.


Watch the video and read Use and Care below. Also available as part of our Cutting and Chopping Collection.

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Use and care:

Step 1: Simply slip the rings of the peeler onto the 2 long fingers of your dominant hand. This will leave the exposed blade on the opposite side of your palm facing safely away from your hand. Keep your other fingers and thumb straight and stiff and safely pulled backward so they do not accidentally come into contact with the blade.

Step 2:  Hold the food to be peeled in the other hand (we strongly recommend you use a cut glove to protect the hand that is holding the food).

Step 3: Keeping the free thumb and fingers straightened and behind the square, gently run the blade across the surface of the food being peeled. When you have peeled several strips, you can stop peeling.

Step 4: Carefully curve your free fingers and thumb to inspect the food being mindful to not come in contact with the blade. If you feel a rough spot that has not yet been peeled, simply draw your free fingers and thumb back into a straightened position behind the square that holds the blade. Continue to peel and inspect until the food meets your expectations.

Caring for the peeler is easy. This peeler can be hand or machine-washed. Be careful to store it with the blade side down so that your hands will come in contact with the rings and the back side when you reach for it. Colors may vary.