Pan Handle Cover


The TBK Pan Handle Cover provides a physical barrier to protect a cook’s hands from a hot pan handle. It is an elongated U shape, about 6 inches long, 3 inches wide, and one-eighth inch thick. It is made of a quilted silicone cotton blend and has an opening on one end to slip it onto a hot pan handle.


Why blind-friendly? Some cooking methods, such as braising, require a pan to come out of the oven and be placed on the stovetop for cooling or further attention. Cooks with vision loss will not get visual cues such as steam to remind them that the pan handle is still very hot. Slipping the Pan Handle Cover onto the hot handle will protect the cook from burns if they should accidentally touch the hot handle. Additionally, for any cook who uses castiron the Pan Handle Cover is a must.


Watch the video and see Use and Care directions below.

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Use and Care: Simply slip the Pan Handle Cover onto the hot pan handle immediately after it comes out of the oven. Do this immediately as forgetting may result in a severe burn if the cook gets distracted. NOTE: This tool is not meant to be left on a pan that is cooking in the oven. It is only meant for use on top of the stove. This blend is machine washable and its tight stitching will make it last for a very long time.

Also included as part of our Stovetop Collection.