Patty Maker


Our TBK Patty Maker makes it easy to form ground meats into patties that are consistent in size and shape. This tool can make 5-and-a-half-ounce patties or 2-and-one-half-ounce slider patties. It comes with 5 separate plastic pieces: a large (5-inch) burger ring with removable bottom, a small (2-and-a-half-inch) ring with a removable bottom, and a handled press.


Why blind-friendly? The ability to form foods into consistent shapes and sizes can be challenging with vision loss.  This patty maker makes this easy to do. The design of this particular model allows the griller to push the meat out of its confines instead of trying to pry it out as some less blind-friendly designed models require.


Use and Care: It is dishwasher safe or it can be hand washed. It stacks into a nesting position which will keep all parts contained until ready for use.

Also included as part of our Grilling and BBQ Collection.

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