Pie Crust Protector


The Pie Crust Protector solves the age-old problem of the outer rim of a pie crust cooking faster than the center of the crust resulting in burnt edges and a raw pie dough center. This pie crust protector allows the outer edges of the crust to be protected.


Also included as part of our Oven Collection.
See Use and and Care below.

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Use and Care

The pie crust protector is made of silicone so it is fine to use it in the oven. It is 18 inches long and is “bent” in the middle. The top is the wider side of the bend and the shorter side will be the part that surrounds the pie pan itself. To use it hold the crust protector in your hands with the wider side facing up. You will notice that there are many “V”s cut into the sides about one-half inch deep and spaced about 2 inches apart. These cuts allow the pie crust protector to adjust to various sizes of pie dishes. You just circle place the protector lightly on the top of the pie edge and gently encircle the entire outer rim of the pie crust. If it is too big for the pie you are trying to protect, just overlap it and continue to overlap and circle until the whole protector is encircling the pie. When there are only 12 to 15 minutes left until the pie is done, take the pie out of the oven, gently remove the pie crust protector, and put the pie back in to finish cooking. Your outside crust edges will be a beautiful golden brown to match the center golden brown crust.

Pie Crust Protector colors may vary.