Pie Crust Stencil


The Pie Crust Stencil cuts 8 perfect heart shapes into a top pie crust, creating an attractive pie crust and serving as steam-releasing vents.


It is a 14-inch round sturdy plastic tool that has prominent heart shapes protruding from one side and many prominent lattice designs on the other side. The designs are within an 8-inch diameter from the center and stick up about one-half inch from the otherwise flat circle.  It has 2 slightly curved 7-inch handles on either side of the circle.


Why blind-friendly:

Cutting attractive and consistently spaced steam vents in the top crust of a double-crust pie can be challenging with vision loss. This tool creates professional-looking perfectly spaced heart-shaped (or lattice-shaped if you are feeling especially creative) steam vents.


See Use and Care below.

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Use and care:

Carefully place the rolled round 9-inch pie crust on top of the desired side of the stencil. Massage the dough so that the heart-shaped dough that forms when you press on the stencil can be removed from the crust leaving a heart-shaped hole in the crust. Do this for all 8 hearts. Then, while the crust remains on the stencil, transfer the crust to the top of the filled pie and set it down over the center of the pie. Gravity and your fingers should gently work the crust off of the stencil and onto the pie.

This pie crust stencil is made of sturdy food-grade plastic and can be machine or hand-washed and dried.