Pie Dough Bag


A pie dough bag is a tool that allows you to control the size and shape of your pie dough without any vision needed.  You just put your ball of dough into the center of the well-greased pie dough bag and roll the dough so that it is the thickness you want.  Now is it not only a perfect circle and size, but it is also much easier to transfer to the pie pan without tearing or stretching the dough during the transfer.


Caring for the pie dough bag is easy. It is made of sturdy plastic and a stainless steel zipper. All you need to do is to unzip it fully and drop it into hot soapy water. Dishwashers are not recommended because if the pie dough is not worked out of the zipper teeth, the intense heat of the dishwasher might “cook” the dough into the zipper. It won’t kill you, but it is quite unattractive when you go to roll your next pie dough. Just be sure to fully open the bag to dry before putting it away so no unsightly mold grows inside because of trapped moisture.


Also available as part of the Oven Collection.

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