Pizza Slice Guide


The Pizza Slice Guide makes it easy to cut a round pizza into consistently sized and shaped wedges.


It is a stainless steel tool that resembles a bicycle wheel where 6 pizza shaped wedges meet in the center and gradually widen out to form the outside of the “wheel” ring. The Pizza Slice Guide is round, ten inches in diameter and about 2 inches deep. The “spokes” of the wheel are formed by flat thin steel walls, that extend one inch above the center of the ring and one inch below the center of the ring. On either side of the ring, is a steel handle that extends an inch on either side of the tool.

Why blind friendly?

Cutting a round pizza into consistently sized and shaped wedges can be challenging with sight loss. This tool allows the cook to place it on top of the cooked pizza and use the guiding walls to direct the cuts into 6 consistently shaped wedges.

Read Use and Care below.

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Use and Care:

Place the pizza slice guide in the center of the cooked pizza so that where the steel walls of the tool come together in the center of the tool is also in the middle of the pizza. Then, use a knife to follow the walls of the guide in each of the six compartments to guide your cuts. If the diameter of the pizza is more than ten inches, when the knife blade meets the outside ring of the tool it will be necessary for the cook to lift the knife up and above the steel outside ring and then place the tip of the knife just under the ring, so that the knife is now in the same cut that was just made. The wall continues on the other side of the ring allowing the cook to use this guide to continue to cut the pizza straight to the outside edge. Repeat five more times, once in each section, until the pizza is cut into six slices.

It is made of stainless steel and will never rust or stain. It can be hand or machine washed and dried.

Note: this tool is exactly the same tool known as the “Pie Marker and Divider” (SKU 4.10) and has been repurposed for those specifically interested in a pizza solution. Both will always have the same retail price, but you need purchase only one tool to serve both functions.