Salt and Pepper Cellar Set


Our Salt and Pepper Cellar Set  consists of two gasket-lined lidded jars to store salt and fresh ground pepper in airtight containers.


Physical Description:

Both jars are identical except the Pepper Cellar comes with a distinctive tactile marker on the lid to be easily distinguished from the other with the touch of a finger. They have wide mouths and are made of thick glass. Each has its own gasket-lined lid attached by wires so the lids will never get lost when open. The jars are round in shape and when closed two and three-quarter inches tall by two and three-quarter inches wide. Each has the capacity to hold just over one half cup in volume, but are a heavy and stable design so it is almost impossible to knock them over even when the lids are  open. The wide mouths allow access for just a pinch of salt or pepper with the fingers or the insertion of a teaspoon or tablespoon.


Why Blind Friendly?

Grinding fresh black pepper in real time when cooking can be time consuming and requires two hands to operate the pepper mill. With vision loss it is almost impossible to know how much ground pepper you are producing with each turn of the grinder. Grinding the pepper in advance and storing it in an airtight jar makes this task more efficient and insures a fresh potent product at your command.


Read How to tell the Salt and Pepper Cellars apart, Use and Care, and how to purchase each individually below.

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How to tell the Salt and Pepper Cellars apart

Of special significance is that the pepper cellar comes with a tactile marking on the lid so it is easy to differentiate between the two with just a touch of your finger. The way to remember which is which is that when you touch the lid of the closed salt cellar, your finger will feel a smooth surface. Remember, “Salt equals smooth.”  When you touch the top of the pepper cellar, you will feel a prickly tactile marker. Remember, “Pepper is prickly“. Alliteration can be very helpful when cooking with sight loss.

Use and Care:

Fill the jar with up to one half cup of salt or ground pepper. When not in use, keep the lids closed to keep dust and insects out and the freshness in.

These may also be purchased individually: