Short Wood Tongs


Although it can be used to grasp any small food or object, the Short Wood Tongs are included in The Blind Kitchen specifically for removing food items that get stuck in your toaster.  Because they are made of wood, they cannot conduct electricity so you can confidently and safely remove a stuck item such as a slice of bread or a toaster tart without getting burned or electrocuted.


The 7-inch tongs are made of wood and open to one-half inch. At the end of each tong, the inside of has several ridges to make grasping an object easier.


Read the use and care instructions and watch the Short Wood Tongs video below.

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To remove food from your toaster maneuver the open end of the tongs into the toaster slot with one side of the tong on either side of the food. Then gently squeeze the tongs until the food is between them and extract the food from the toaster.  These are dishwasher safe or can be cleaned by hand washing and drying.

Also included as part of our Oven Collection.