Side Strainer


The Side Strainer is made of silicone and stainless steel and is roughly the shape of a half circle. The silicone is dotted with many small draining holes. It has two clips on the straight side of the half circle that serve to clip the side strainer firmly to the outer rim of one side of a pan.


Reduce messes while pouring pans of hot water and boiled food into a colander in a sink where, if you have two hands holding the handles of the pan, there is not a third hand to “see” where the colander or strainer is — requiring a “blind” pour accompanied by a hope and a prayer that you have hit your target. Depending on the size of the pan you are using, this tool frees up a hand to allow it to “see” for you while the other hand holds the handle of the pan and does the work of tipping the pan for you. The strainer is firmly attached to the pan with the clips and the food that is in the pan is trapped by the “pocket” created by the side strainer as the water drains out through the holes.


Watch video below. Also included in the Stovetop Collection.

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Also included in the Stovetop Collection.