Signature Guide


The TBK Signature Guide provides a tactile guide for signing your name or writing an amount in the correct place on a form. It is made of black plastic and is roughly the size of a thin credit card. There is a rectangular hole in it which is where the tip of a pen is placed when signing your name.


Why blind-friendly? Signing our name on a credit card receipt or a restaurant bill can be tricky because there is no standard for where that elusive signature and tip line will be. This tool helps with making signing your name in the correct place every time and puts us in control of what is written.


Watch the demonstration video and read Use and Care below.

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Use and care: It does require a person with vision to place the guide on the correct spot on the form, such as the tip line or a signature line. The pen tip is placed in the rectangle and the signer just stays within those confines and writes the desired information. It should be stored in your wallet with your other credit and debit cards so you always can find it when you need it.

Also included in the TBK Oven Collection.