Tasting Spoon


Our Tasting Spoon allows the cook to taste hot foods safely while cooking. It is a stainless steel spoon with a longer than usual handle that measures about 8 inches from tip to end. The handle angles gracefully near the teaspoon end, and the spoon holds about one teaspoon of liquid.

Why Blind-Friendly:

It can be difficult for a cook with vision loss to be able to judge the liquid level in a hot pot when cooking. This spoon, with its extra long handle, allows the cook to listen and feel when the spoon hits the liquid while keeping their fingers a safe distance from the hot food.


Watch the video and see Use and Care below.
Included in our Stovetop Collection.

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Use and Care:

Hold the handle of the spoon at the very end. Slowly lower the spoon into the liquid until you hear or feel that the spoon has made contact with the top of the liquid.  Then slightly dip the spoon into the liquid and raise it slowly. Allow the food on the spoon to cool adequately before tasting. It is made of stainless steel so wash and store as you do your other kitchen flatware.

Suggestion:  Keep 4 or 5 tasting spoons handle sides down in a jar or cup near your stove area. It makes them easy to locate quickly when needed, and since you do not want to “double dip” and use a spoon twice before cleaning, you can put the used one in the sink, and have another ready for your next tasting.

Included in our Stovetop Collection.